On the eve of Women’s Day March 8, many people think, what to give the woman a present to answer her social status. It may be subject surprises, emotional outbursts, but the best way to present the age-old feminine gift. As you know, the hallmark of all girls and women, regardless of age will be groomed handles with original nail decorations. In addition, it is a good excuse to make a solemn manicure for March 8, to prepare for the end of the image in such a momentous day.

Well-chosen design on the nail plate, combined with a festive outfit will not only give a girl confidence in its own charm, but also a worthy occasion to declare an exclusive taste of owner. Unfading classics and new concepts in the design of nails will make the approaching holiday unforgettable, using new techniques and ideas.


Inspired by the idea of spring


Ideally combined with any shades applied to the nail image of delicate snowdrops and lily of the valley, mimosa or touching majestic orchid’s noble roses or red roses, beautiful crocus or willow twigs. The design can be done in pastel colors using the skills of a professional manicure.

Departing from innovative ideas, you can leave a trace of originality in making use of entire compositions and fashion trends, which are equated with spring blossoming explosion of feelings:

  • Ombre pastel shades;
  • March flora elements;
  • Aesthetic petals form;
  • Gentle or bold contrasts;
  • Fashion halftones abstraction.





red manicure

All this fashionable and relevant for March 8. It remains in spring fashion and moon manicure, which is ideal for handsome women. The young beauty is recommended to make a slight tinge of spring mood, decorating it with rhinestones or small figures line. Matte and glossy nail surface with different textures will add an office and business style, and a narrow nail plate of medium length finish elegant image of women.

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