The beautiful humanity half begins preparing for the summer season opening in the spring. In addition, before you go on the pedicure in beauty salon, women spend processing nails with heavy artillery. That is because patterns and color combinations new trends each year comes into fashion. In the current year will make a stylish bright patterns and pastel colors abstraction.

Pedicure trends in 2018



Young girls and middle-aged women will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of “admissible” color – it is fashionable to do a monochromatic base and highlights element pedicure. In a bright accents are:

  • Stones and drawings series;
  • Small and medium size rhinestones;
  • Drawing;
  • Edge of nails or its beginning;
  • Uneven (by hand) images.

Pedicure permitted using the base layer and additional colors ideas, but only one nail. Thus, the focus is on the middle finger or thumb. By design, it will be combined with any solid colors of other fingers. If the basis is the idea of abstraction, it is possible to divide the nail into several parts, where each reflects a particular style and direction. There is no need in linking them to each other.

Beautiful and fashionable look unclear and uneven lines intersect each other, creating a fictitious pattern or texture. As they say, it turns out is born during a pedicure. “No!” to precise outlines and labels, are forbidden fashion patrol and colors merging. Want to keep up with times – refuse zigzag patterns, where ink flows into each other.


Pastel colors and patterns variations in it


Monotony of summer pedicure continues even in the nails pastel colors design. The case is in different colors you can insert some paint. Summer tanned skin will look bright, despite the preserving the “colors of peace” principle. Clarified beautiful nail against the dark skin – kind of brightness and individuality. Previously, preference was given to orange and lemon colors. Now – pastel reflects restraint and beauty for any outfit.

The presence of sequins is not forbidden – beautifully decorated nail profitable emphasize the shape of the plate and its length. However, the build-up glitter is no longer in vogue. There pedicure ideas for visual extension of the plate – form a square, it is recommended to “share” on nail color. Separators can act neutral shades of light yellow/white and black colors. Large rhinestones and sequins can hide imperfections and shortcomings of the fingers.

Short wide nail should be painted not completely to hide the corners. Long nails desirable to paint completely – it will create a visual impression of long legs and feet, and is very fashionable today.


Master pedicure advised to select the tone colors in the main layer colored in multiple colors. If the model selects the one-color design, the best supplement will palette and a special stone for deepening into a layer of gel polish. Negative attitude is to French-related topics design.


  1. It is impossible to separate the plate and the edge of contrasting lacquers.
  2. Palette allowed less for area part.
  3. Do not use gloss paints pedicure for vertical division.
  4. Palette is not combined with a dark design, only with stones.
  5. Pastel shades – is a better current boom idea, sometimes allowed sequins.
  6. Blue/heavenly color range accentuate solar pedicure in the summer season.
  7. Sequins and stone may be the only bright “spot”.

Classic pedicure for women – it is not just beauty, but also indicative trait grooming. If it is not, then, a woman, in principle, the most deprived of attention to themselves. Monophonic pedicure should at least match the woman`s temperament, it does not matter, put on her dress or a tracksuit. Hike to the beach, swimming pool, access to the city – everything must be perfect, and the summer pedicure it has a lot ideas and takes only about an hour. So let it be very short pleasantness in the accompanying long sessions.

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