Red is for women want to attract attention. It isn`t vulgar as any mistakenly believe. This manicure is well for any nails` length – from the shortest to the longest. Due to a variety of colors, you can create a design effect and ambiguous style. So you will emphasize your face and are satisfied with the finished image, make a bright accent.


Short Nail Red Design


If there are circumstances that do not allow you to wear long or even medium-sized nails, the use of red in various shades on short nails is probably the best solution. Even the short nails can be identified and pay attention to your hands with the help of a bright red color.


  1. Bordeaux emphasize the style and status.
  2. The red signal will be the solemn mood.
  3. Diluted other colors – uniqueness and invincibility.
  4. Additional decorative elements indicate unwillingness to stop and willingness to experiment.


Dilute manicure lovely accents, other than red. This will create an atmosphere of celebration and austerity at the same time. Styling «portrait of a woman» would insinuate to entice and keep at a distance.


Medium-length Nails Red Design


Medium length nails universal, and length is the most popular. Therefore, for a small coverage area of emphasis is needed to display the full sense. There is an unimaginable number of design options:

  • Gloss and semi-matt;
  • Contrasting the line;
  • Sequins and rhinestones;
  • Moon manicure;
  • Designer;
  • Partial and complete.


Do not forget the shades and color schemes – red color is combined with pink, gold and dark colors.


Long Nail Red Design


Growing long nails is a difficult task, but thanks to technology, achievable. On their own long nails attract attention, and the red color make them very bright and extravagant. The length of many existing: it plays a direct role in color – the brighter it is, the more it more, and for a long nail plate is a significant plus.


  1. It is ideal for creating contrasts and patterns.
  2. Modeling allows to let spirituality sketches of flowers.
  3. The narrow elongate nail plate due to incomplete brushing.


All these details can be rotated for a perfect means to reflect their individuality.


It’s kind of a field for the imagination, and the master cannot take advantage of this advantage. Because produces new patterns and designs. Girls with long nails easier to combine textures – they can try two shades with glitter elements, matte base. Another like ease in combination with dark contours or light reflections.

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