This year will fill the spring not only with bright colors, but also with also incongruous ideas. The basis of the fashion trends fall eccentric abstraction, asymmetrical patterns and shades of red. Spring manicure for 2018 assumes femininity notes – there are flower arrangements, matte texture and glitter gloss. Sometime in the early 00’s, it was fashionable of doing build-up plates of the acute form; by the mid-10’s it became popular to wear short nails, and now all mixed up together.

Spring manicure in 2018 with elements of artistic painting


We cannot forget about the individual sketches idea – stencils are no longer in vogue. Who is master independently translate the image thin brushes, paint with acrylic paints and studying new coating technology. In the spring of 2018, it is fashionable medium length with a colorful “stained” translucent nails in the form of buds or symbols the come warming. Artistic elements smears with cold pastel impart spring manicure particular personality. Valued bright lines, thin dark silhouettes, the emphasis in the form of stones and crystals.

On its own natural nail sin, not cause bright varnish. Matt and glossy structures are attractive in the current season, highlighting the status of women. Relevant short and medium spring manicure or a rounded square shape. The color intensity is minimal, pleasing to the eye are now patterns and basic design elements. Accents in the base layer are not set, the plate was not visually divide at all – this idea is popular among young people. Nevertheless, as before, the permanent all-season French manicure considered to be with all colors and shades selection.


  1. French basic manicure diluted with artistic drawings.
  2. Complement on individual bodily bases.
  3. The volume added using rhinestones in the drawings tone.

It becomes increasingly popular idea of involving frequency and spontaneous lines proportion. The spring manicure prefer “watercolor” component instead of acrylic molding. Now this is not just a 3D image, but also the real picture in minimized interpretation.


Long nails shiny accents


Not only textured flower to symbolize spring and will come warming, but also small modest brightness masterpiece manicure female handles. Who said shiny varnish is out of fashion? It is still popular, interesting, being the “savior” of creation. Nail with “inside” gel palettes – is not a bad idea, looks juicy and bright. You can combine such a manicure in 2018 with different clothes – from a business suit to festive and evening dresses.

Striking contrasts and matte ruby base in manicure – it gives an impetus for in the reality of the miracle creation and implementation. What is with regards uncomplicated abstraction and uncertainty?

  1. When there is no exact design, the drawings have become obsolete; the woman chooses something incongruous idea: accents on dark, matte and necessarily brilliant.
  2. The spring manicure of 2018 is a field for imagination, and a woman always sees its characteristic feature in it.
  3. Attractiveness and minimization – the idea is limited to temperament color and costs. Add structured varnish with a golden sheen.

It turns out pretty good, modest, but bright. Not defiantly, while solemn. In addition, there are many ideas for typical flower gloss that will be easy to enter into a single image of a woman. You can create a composite design for fully covering all outfits sorts for meeting the stylistic gamut.

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